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Nurse Educator Jobs in Maryland

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Help kicking off your journey

Unsure where to start? Learn the many pathways toward a career as a Nurse Educator. Go to our Career Paths page for more help determining your path.

Pointers for advancing your education

Professional certification, accredited educational programs, mentorship, and a community network to assist you in every step along the way.

Strategies to secure that new position

We’re here for the duration and our commitment extends from finding jobs of interest to preparing your professional resume or curriculum vitae.

Career Explorers
A nursing education unlocks many diverse opportunities. Click here for tips and resources on entry into this exciting field!
Maryland is a great state to advance your education in nursing. Find nursing programs closest to you here.
Overwhelmed with the cost of education? Click here to learn more about federal, state, and private sources of funding.
Application Tips
Learn more about the application process for both educator positions and undergraduate and graduate programs and see helpful tips for polishing your resume/CV.
Everyone needs someone who understands and can facilitate your career goals. Explore options for support.
Obtain certification in your nursing specialty to stand out as a nurse or nurse educator! Learn about your options here.
Importance of Diversity
Learn more about the current state of diversity in the nursing and nursing education fields as well as efforts being made to achieve a more representative workforce.
Nurse Residency Programs
Maryland is the first state to implement a standardized 12-month residency program for new nurse graduates. Read more about NRPs and the MNRC here.




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